Florian Lanthaler

freelance software designer and developer — Meran, Italy


Ivoclar Vivadent Manufacturing GmbH

Production Planning and Control system development.
Visualization of production processes.

2006-2013, Java, Adobe Fireworks

Ivoclar Vivadent Manufacturing GmbH

Production Planning and Control system development.

2001-2012, PHP, HTML, jQuery

Orchester der Musikfreunde Meran

Website (CMS) mit Verwaltung der Mitglieder, des Repertoires (Komponisten, Werke), der Konzerte und der vorhandenen Medien (Konzertmitschnitte, Audio, Video).

2013, Python, Django, PostgreSQL

Designstudio dieschiefer

Meran — dieschiefer ist ein Studio und Kreativbüro im Fokus der Architektur mit Mehrwert auf nachhaltige Konzepte im Social Design.

Umsetzung in HTML5 des von Alberta Schiefer erstellten grafischen Konzepts.

2013, HTML5

Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Behinderte

Website (CMS) mit Verwaltung von barrierefreien Ausflugszielen und Einkehrmöglichkeiten.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL

urania meran

Website (CMS) mit Verwaltung des Kursangebots und Möglichkeit zur Online-Anmeldung für Interessierte.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL

Server maintenance


1998-2014, Debian, Postfix, Sendmail, Courier IMAP, Dovecot, SpamAssassin, Amavis, SPF


1998-2014, Debian, Apache, nginx, Python, Django, PHP, PostgreSQL

Spare time projects


I am not a photographer (nor do I play one on TV), but I like to take pictures.

Canon, Sigma, Adobe Lightroom

ASM Basket

Homepage for the female basketball team ASM Basket. The site features a CMS as well as a database with an administrative interface that allows to manage games, teams, players, results, team and player statistics.

2013, Python, Django, PostgreSQL


canestro is a website where detailed information about local basketball leagues and seasons is collected and displayed. Statistics are available per team, game, player, and venue. I started this project together with Stefano Negrisolo in December 2008.

2008-2010, Python, Django, PostgreSQL


parole is the Little Poet's helper, conveniently available for a variety of languages. When you are stuck writing a poem for your aunt's birthday, pick your language and try to search for matching words. I wrote parole in May 2008 to oblige a friend to keep writing poems about sports events.

2008, Python, Django, PostgreSQL


ports is a searchable database for official and unofficial port assignments. I started this project in winter 2000. Initially written in PHP, later rewritten in Python.

2000, Python, Django, PostgreSQL


kwitt is the "remake" of phpaga, now written in Python/Django. Existing phpaga databases can be migrated to kwitt with the help of a script.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL


phpaga is a web-based solution to track your projects, tasks, invoices, quotations, material and expenses, providing a centralized manner to keep on top of your day-to-day jobs and activities. Its features include: printing invoices, quotations and task lists to pdf-files, productivity statistics per project or per person, financial overview. I started writing phpaga when getting self-employed in 2001.

2001-2013, PHP, PostgreSQL (optionally MySQL)


zongle compares the schema of two PostgreSQL databases and creates a script containing the SQL statements necessary to migrate the structure of the second database to the state of the first.

2003-2004, PHP, PostgreSQL